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Letter from Reuben Arthur Pfettscher, Olivia Times, 12-12-1918

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Somewhere in France, October 20, 1918

Reuben Arthur Pfettscher
January 5, 1890 – November 11, 1918

Dear Cousin and Folks:

I must drop you a few lines to let you know I am up and around once again, which is sure a great treat after being laid up so long. I got the Spanish Influenza with a number of others of our company when we struck France and just left the hospital Friday and think I will be alright in about a week.

We came thru considerable of France when we arrived at the place where we were billeted and are now located where all the famous French wines are made with vine yards all around us. Practically nothing else is grown here as a product for commercial purposes but grapes, as you know France has long been noted for her exports of wines and champagnes where are sure made in plenty here. Water is very poor here so the boys drink lots of wine.

We had a rainy spell the first few days last week but otherwise we had very nice weather. It gets quite cool and damp thru the night, but the days are usually warm and sunny. They have still young radishes and lettuce in the gardens so you can see it does not get very cold here thru the winter months.

We bunk in French stone houses in a small burg of which there seem to be plenty empty. Most of the company has been transferred while I was sick so there are not many of my company left here.

I suppose Uncle Charley received the short letter our supply Sergeant wrote for me while I was in the hospital. The company sent him down to write a few lines for us in the hospital and sent our Christmas package card with same. Say Laura I wish you would sent me some of that candy like you sent me at Grant as candy is impossible to get here at least we haven’t been able to get any since we arrived.

Well Laura it looks not as if the Yanks with the Allies will soon have the Kaiser cleaned up and it will sure be great when we get home again as a short time over hear will sure convince one there is no country like the good old U.S.A. Will write you all soon again. With love and best wishes to you all.

Your Cousin, Reuben A Pfettscher, Co. I. 342nd Inf., A.E.F.