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Contract for Hemp Mill to be Let Soon

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Mills at Bird Island, Hutchinson, Lake Lillian and Grove City are Already Assured

In a communication dated at Washington, March 30, Secretary of Commerce, Jesse Jones, announced the defense plant corporation has authorized execution of eight contracts for $350,000.00 each with the Commodity Credit Corporation for plant facilities, four hemp plants to be located in Illinois and the other four in the state of Minnesota.
The four mills of which already have been authorized and the contracts for erection asked for, will be in Bird Island, Hutchinson, Lake Lillian, and Grove City. All four of these mills are centrally located in this section, and we understand that several other plants are under consideration, while a few have been eliminated, mostly because of the shortage of good seed.
The land owned by Chas. Dahlgren, just south of Bird Island fair grounds, has been chosen as the site for the mill and undoubtedly work on the structure will begin in a short time.

Published in the Bird Island Union, April 1, 1943