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Bond Slackers Are Penalized, Olivia Times, 11-18-1918

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Henry Bleick and Joseph Graml of Cairo Arrested on Bench Warrants

Flag Kissin Exercise Here — Both Pay Fines and Subscribe for Liberty Bonds and to Red Cross

Henry Bleick and Joseph Graml, Liberty Bond slackers of Fairfax, were arrested on a bench warrant issued by Judy Daly last week and brought into court. Bleick had been allotted $800 in bonds, and Graml $350. They refused to subscribe and were advised by Chairman T. O’Connor of the Safety Commission to appear before him. They failed to appear and on October 25th a summons was issued out of District Court for their appearance on October 29th. They failed to obey the summons and a bench warrant was issues and they were arrested for contempt of court. Sheriff Sunde brought them here last Wednesday and as soon as the sheriff reached town a crowd gathered and without much excitement, got the prisoners away from the officers, making the slackers kneel and kiss the flag and then march to the jail, each carrying high above his head the flag.

Next day the two men were taken before Judge Daly at Renville where an adjustment of the matter was made by Bleick subscribing for $1500 in bonds, donating $100 to the Red Cross and a like amount to the War Work fund, and paying $109.54 cents in fine and costs. Graml subscribed for $750 in bonds, paid $75 to the Red Cross, and $50 to the War Work fund and paid a fine of $109.54.