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Fairfax Boy Gets Bullet in Foot, Fairfax Standard 11-14-1918

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Wilbert G. Lammers
March 1, 1892 – February 8, 1948

Word From Wilbur Lammers Tells of Wound by Machine Gun Bullet

Chas. Lammers received a letter from his son, Wilbur (Wilbert), yesterday stating that he had been wounded. Wilbur does not go into details regarding his injury, any more than to say that he received a machine bullet in the soft part of his right foot, below the ankle. He hopes for and expects a speedy recovery and says that he will soon be able to get around again. The letter was written October 18 and as his previous letter was written October 12, in which no mention was made of an injury it is presumed that he was hurt some time between the 12th and 18th.