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Carl & Lena (Fenske) Laumer

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Carl Laumer was born October 30, 1865 in Brandenburg, Germany to Ernest and Hennretta (Kuehn) Laumer. His father Ernest was born on October 6, 1835. His mother Hennretta was born on May 6, 1843. They lived in the area of Berlin, Germany. Ernest Laumer was in the real estate business. Due to the many wars, this Laumer family decided to come to the United States in 1883. At the age of 18 Carl Laumer, four sisters, and his parents sailed the Atlantic Ocean for a new environment. They settled in the area of Barron, Wisconsin for one year. They decided this wasn’t the state for them so they came to Minnesota. This part of Minnesota was similar to the area of Germany, in which they lived for many years. Ernest Laumer family homesteaded one-half mile south of Danube. They lived on this farm until Carol Laumer Married Lena Fenske on March 27, 1896. Carl continued living on this farm. His parents and sisters purchased 80 acres in the same section to the southwest of their farm.

Carl had four sisters. Marie, who married Carl Zabel of Renville, had two daughters: Bertha and Elsie. Marth’as husband was Julius Zabel of Renville. They had four children: Emil, Elinar, Meta, and Albert. Louisa, who married John Kuether of Danube had three children: Ervin, Lucinda, and Ott. Bertha married Fred Oelschlager. Their five children were: William, Alfred, Lillian, Alice, and Orville.

Carl Laumer’s father passed away Feb. 24, 1909. His mother lived with her daughter Maire in Renville until her death on October 3, 1927. Carl Laumer lived on this farm until 1903 when it was sold. Carl purchased a farm two miles north and two miles east of Danube in Winfield Twp., from Carl F. Herrman on December 27k, 1904. Carl Herrman had five children. Minnie, Clarence, William, and George born south of Danube and Arthur born in Winfield Twp.

Carl and Lena were the parents of five children: Minnie, Gordon, Elaine, Georgia, and Mae.

Minnie was born on January 3, 1897. She married Fred Rauschke in Mahnomen in 1920. She died on September 14, 1977. Fred preceded her in death in August of 1937. They were the pareats of Gordon, Elaine, Georgia, and Mae. Gordon married LaVonne Anderson. They had three sons and one daughter. Elaine’s husband was Harlan Stoltenberg. They had one son. Georgia married Philip Fries. They are the parents of one daughter and one son. Mae married Richard Luka. They have two sons and one daughter.

On July 3, 1949, Minnie married Henry Liebl.

Clarence Laumer, son of Carl and Lean, was born on August 17, 1898. He was married to Minnie Toltzmann of Danube on December 18, 1924. They had one daughter, Arlene. Clarence died on February 24, 1955.

William Laumer was born on January 18, 1900 and died on June 19, 1961. He never married.

George was born December 1, 1902. His wife was Emma Toltzman. Their two children were Carol, who is married to James Lippert, and has two children; and Ordell, married to Vickie Palmlund, has two children. George died on January 15, 1975.

Arthur Laumer was born April 28, 1910. He married Lillian Hemze on November 15, 1931. Their daughter Delores is married to John Kubesh and has two children. Their son Maynard is married to Lois Peterson. They have two sons. Elroy is married to Carol Lippert. They have three daughters.

Carl Laumer’s children attended rural area schools. They belonged to the Lutheran Church in Danube. Minnie worked at the hotel in Danube. Clarence worked on the railroad section two years. Carl lived in Winfield Twp. until early summer of 1929, then moved to Olivia, where he lived until his death August 24, 1944. He died of a heart ailment. William lived with his parents and worked as a common laborer. Mrs. Carl Laumer died December 25, 1947 also of a heart ailment. George farmed on Carl’s farm until 1930 when he moved one-half mile west where his son Ordell presently farms. Clarence moved on this farm. He farmed 160 acres until ill health caused him to sell 80 acres. He continued to farm until his death. Mrs. Clarence Laumer and Arlene continued living on the farm until June 6, 1970 when they moved to Olivia. This farm was sold in October of 1980 to Henry Schniederman. Arlene attended rural District 72 and transferred to the Danube Public School. She graduated in 1953. Arlene worked on the farm until April of 1957 when employment began at the State Bank of Danube. At present, she is an Assistant Cashier. The Laumers attend the Zion Lutheran Church in Olivia, MN.