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4-H Clubs of Renville County: 1975

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Renville County 4-H Clubs listed in Frank Swoboda’s book, Looking Back: History of Agriculture in Renville County, published in 1975 by the Renville County Historical Society.

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Atomic Gophers (Bird Island Twp.) was organized in 1946.

Bandon Busy Beavers (Bandon and Wellington Twps.) was organized in 1948. Earlier Club Bandon 4-H was organized in 1932.

Birch Coulee (Birch Coulee Twp.) was organized in 1946. Earlier clubs – Flying Whirlwinds organized in 1932; Victory Growers, organized in 1946.

Bird Island Town and Country (Bird Island and Melville Twps.) was organized in 1957. Earlier clubs Bird Island Independents, organized in 1932; Busy Bees, organized in 1944, and City Farmers, organized 1946.

Boon Lake Orioles (Boon Lake Twp.) was organized in 1950.

Brookfield Buffalo Bills (Brookfield Twp.) was organized in 1971. Earlier club – Brookfield Merrymakers 1941-1962.

Buffalo Lake Onwards (Preston Lake, Hector, Martinsburg Twps.) was organized in 1935.

Cairo Sharpshooters (Cairo Twp.) was organized in 1946.

Camp Go-Getters (Camp, Birch Cooley Twps.) organized in 1925.

Countryside Clippers (Troy, Henryville Twps.) was organized in 1949.

Danube Full-O-Pep (Troy, Winfield Twps.) was organized in 1954. Earlier clubs, Danube 4-Leaf Clovers 1932; Danube Sky-Rockets 1934-1944.

Ericson Eager Beavers (Ericson, Wang Twps.) was organized in 1946. Earlier club Ericson Jolly Get-Togethers 1940-1941.

Flora Shooting Stars (Flora Twp.) was organized in 1936. Earlier club Middle Creek 4-H 1934.

Hector Hi-Hitters (Hector, Melville Twps.) organized 1954.

Hectorville Hustlers (Hector Twp, Melville Twp) was organized in 1941.

Kingman Ramblers (Kingman Twp.) was organized in 1934.

Lucky Clovers (Troy Twp.) was organized in 1974.

Norfolk 4-H (Norfolk Twp.) was organized in 1954. Earlier club Norfolk Willing Hands 1947

Osceola Jacks and Jills (Osceola Twp.) was organized in 1946. Earlier club Osceola Headway Makers 1935-1942.

Renville Aces (Emmet, Crooks, Sacred Heart Twps.) organized 1930 reorganized 2955, Earlier club Renville 4-H 1914-1930.

Renville Indians (Sacred Heart, Emmet Twps.) formerly Sacred Heart Indians organized in 1947. Earlier club Sacred Heart Livewires 1946.

Sacred Heart Hi-Lites (Hawk Creek, Sacred Heart Twps.) was organized in 1941.

Troy Troopers (Bird Island, Troy, Norfolk Twps.) was organized in 1938. Earlier club Olivia Vo-Ag, 1928-1934.

Winfield 4-Leaf Clovers (Winfield Twp.) was organized in 1946.

DAC-Happiness is 4-H Club (Olivia Day Center) was organized in 1974.

Did we miss anyone? RCHS would like to make sure the 4-H information is up-to-date and accurate and that we are preserving all of the history of the clubs!