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Raymond Mantel, Fairfax Standard, 12-19-1918

Wounded in France Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mantel received a message from the War Department Monday that their son Raymond was severely wounded while in action in France. The telegram stated that Raymond received his wound October 17,… Read More

Letter From Abraham Freiborg, Renville Star Farmer, 9-12-1918

Camp Mills, Long Island, N. Y., August 29, 1918 Dear Parents and all: Tonight I will try and write you a few lines and let you know that I am still alive and well. I am writing this… Read More

Letter From Harvey Bertelson, Fairfax Standard, 9-12-1918

Camp Mills, N.Y August 30, 1918 Dear Pa and All: Well, we are at Camp Mills, New York now. This surely is quite a ways from home. I wish that you could have been with me on the… Read More

Letter From Ed C Lammers, Fairfax Standard, 9-12-1918

August 27, 1918 Dear Uncle; Well we are ready for a trip across. We started from Camp Grant Saturday at 3:00 p.m. and arrived at Camp Mills, Long Island, Monday at 9:00 p.m. but lost quite a lot… Read More