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Raymond Mantel, Fairfax Standard, 12-19-1918

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Raymond Mantel
August 7, 1892 – October 17, 1918

Wounded in France
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mantel received a message from the War Department Monday that their son Raymond was severely wounded while in action in France. The telegram stated that Raymond received his wound October 17, and while no further word has been received it is feared that the injury has proved fatal. While the news of the injury casts a deep sorrow over the father and mother, and they have grave fears for his present safety, at the same time they feel that even if the worst has happened that it has been a sacrifice for a most worthy cause, and for the safety and honor of their country. Mrs. Mantel says that she felt that her boy should do what he could, and that she had been proud to know that he was offering the best in him for his country.

Early in the war Raymond offered to enlist, but at the time failed to pass the medical examination. Later, last June, he was drafted, entering the service from Montana, where he had taken up a homestead. He at first went to Camp Lewis, Washington, then to Camp Cairo, California, and to Camp Mills, New York August 5, Soon after this he proceeded to France, from where he wrote home in September, which is the last letter his parents have had from him.