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Fourth Liberty Loan Bond Flag, Bird Island Union, 12-19-1918

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Editor’s Note: What happened to these Service Flags? The Renville County Historical Society doesn’t have one in their collection. Each town received a flag with a specific number of stars on it! Contact the Museum if you have information on the Renville County flags.

Our Flag Contains Twelve Stars, What Does Yours Contain?
Tim Hurley came into the office on Saturday forenoon with a broad smile on his face, and something wrapped up in a late issue of the Bird Island Union tucked away under one arm. We met him face to face and Tim said never a word, but just smiled – that was all. We knew something was going to happen pretty soon, so we remarked, “What’s on your mind Tim?” Then we began to imagine a whole lot of things. Perhaps it was a Xmas turkey for ye editor, (such accidents have been known to happen) or a clean office towel, or a thousand and one things an editor ought to have that he is short of. After we had held our breath for about ten minutes or less, he succeeded in removing the newspaper and unfolded a handsome Liberty Loan Service Flag, three by four and one-half feet, which contained twelve blue stars on a white background and showed us a letter he had just received from County Chairman F. G. Nellermoe, (Tim is naturally a little sensitive, you know and we promised not to print the letter, and must keep our word) but we are going to away the most of it, so here it is:

“In appreciation of the splendid showing made by your village in the 4th Liberty Loan Bond Sale, your Government herewith presents to your village its 4th Liberty Loan Bond Service Flag, This time dollars of over subscriptions do not count, as to the stars in Flag, but the percentage of distribution per capita of population in village, as figures on file with Federal Office at Minneapolis, is used as basis for allotment of stars in these flags. Your village commands 12 stars in its flag, which is a very nice showing upon its patriotism and loyalty to our Government. This flag is the property of your village, you will know where to place it, or to whom it should be turned over to.”

He said he was going to place the flag in the Drug Store window where all could see it, as all had an interest in it, and all are proud of it. The flag will have good care and will no doubt be in existence for generations to come. We congratulate the local chairman and his corps of workers upon the outcome of their labors in the Fourth Liberty Loan Drive.