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Letter From Abraham Freiborg, Renville Star Farmer, 9-12-1918

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Camp Mills, Long Island, N. Y., August 29, 1918

Abraham Freiborg

Dear Parents and all:

Tonight I will try and write you a few lines and let you know that I am still alive and well. I am writing this letter by candle light and that gives me just so much time to write. It is raining to beat sixty, a regular down pour. Our tents are beginning to flood, but it is a good think, as they are as dusty as could be.

We had a nice trip coming here, but I liked Camp Grant better. Will send a list of the largest cities we came through, Chicago and Aurora, Ill., Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio, Erie and Dunkirk, Pa., Buffalo, Syracuse, New York and Brooklin, N. Y. We took a ship to go over to Long Island.

There surely were lots of ships in the harbor there. A couple of large battle ships and some transports and many smaller ships. We sailed under the Brooklin Bridge, but that sure is some bridge. It must be a mile long and it had two stories or double decked as you might call it, that is it has two floors, one above the other. In Cleveland we stopped a couple of hours to take a swim, and then at Rochester they marched us around town for some exercise.

Air ships fly around here by the dozens, sometimes they go away above the clouds entirely out of sight. We also went thru seven long tunnels through the Catskill Mountains, some were over a mile long. Well my candle is almost all in so I will have to close. If you don’t hear from me for a couple of weeks sometimes, you know what is up.

Tomorrow I get a pass for 24 or 30 hours, I don’t know which and I think I will go to New York or Brooklin, and rest up awhile. Well, I must close, hoping to hear from you soon and often, With best wishes from your loving son and brother, P. Freiborg