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Soldier Boy Dies in England, Renville County Journal, December 6, 1918

Arthur Mahlum, of Hawk Creek, Succumb to Pneumonia in Base Hospital at Romsey, England A telegram was received by Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Mahlum on Saturday, stating that their son, Private Arthur Leonard Mahlum died of Bronchial-pneumonia in… Read More

Letter from Henry Bergman, Hector Mirror, 10-31-1918

Dear parents and all: Well I am now safe in England. I arrived yesterday and I am feeling fine and dandy and I hope you all are the same. This is a nice place and our Lieutenant took… Read More

Letter from Henry Galle, Morton Enterprise, 12-27-1918

Morton Boy Sees Big Celebration in London London, Eng., Nov 15, 1918 My Dear Mother, Received you dear letters a few days ago. It was the first I had received for almost a month. Sure glad to hear… Read More

Letter From Edward C Wallner, Olivia Times, 12-12-1918

The following is a letter from E C. Wallner, written from England to his uncle, W. D. Wallner of Buffalo Lake. Somewhere in England, October 9th, 1918 Dear Uncle William: Undoubtedly this letter from me coming from oversea… Read More

Letter from Richard Riedler, Renville Star Farmer, 11-14-1918

Everywhere in General, (in England now), Oct. 25th, 1918 Dear Folks: Well all I can say is that Columbus had a lot of nerve when he crossed the ocean in his little row-boat. I’m not coming back until… Read More

Letter From Donald Hogenson, Renville Star Farmer, 11-14-1918

Somewhere in England, Oct. 8th. Dear Mother: – Well here I am safely across the ocean. We had a real good trip although the water was rather rough at times. I thought I would be about the first… Read More

Letter From Ed Wallner, Renville Star Farmer, 11-7-1918

Somewhere in England, October 11, 1918 Mr. W. A. Reid, Renville, Minn. Dear Friend Reid: It makes me blush with shame to think I did not write to you before this time. Being awful busy in military life,… Read More

Letter From Lester Smith, Renville Star Farmer, 10-17-1918

Shaubury Salop, Eng., Sept. 23, ‘18 Dear Mr. Reid: You will no doubl be surprised to hear from me, but I am going to write a little anyway. I have been pretty busy and when we are not… Read More

Letter from Joseph W Koterba, Olivia Times, 10-10-1918

England, Sept. 12, 1918 Dear Father and Mother; Will write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope you are all the same. I received thirteen letters yesterday, I sure was glad… Read More

Letters From the Soldier Boys Franklin Tribune September 19, 1918: Leonard Johnson Writes from France

Somewhere in England, Aug, 22, 1918 Dear brother Duffey, Will drop you a few lines and let you know that I am alright and feeling fine. We arrived here at this camp last night and rested last night… Read More