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Letter from Joseph W Koterba, Olivia Times, 10-10-1918

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England, Sept. 12, 1918

Dear Father and Mother;

Will write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope you are all the same. I received thirteen letters yesterday, I sure was glad to hear that your folks were feeling fine when those letters were wrote. I also received a small box of candy from Rose that was sent to me at Garden city but I didn’t get it until now. That’s over two months ago.

Well today I had my first ride in an airplane I was up for forty-five minutes. I sure thought it would make me sick but it didn’t I liked it fine. We were up about six thousand feet high way about the clouds when I looked down you couldn’t see a bit of the ground. We took a little trip over the North Sea but not very far. I tell you it’s great to get above the clouds and sail around up there.

Rose sent me a couple of clippings out of theTimes one of Billie Moran’s letter and candy Joe’s letter. They were good.

Well I guess this will be all for this time I hope this finds you in good health, I remain

Your son and brother, Pvt. Joseph W. Koterba