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Letter from Thomas Krell, Olivia Times, 10-10-1918

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Camp Eustis, Va., September 27, 1918

My Dearest Mother:

I received your welcome letter yesterday and suppose it will be the last letter I will received from you in U.S.A.

As we are leaving for France we all have our new clothes this week. We look like a bunch of snappy soldiers now with the new uniforms the Battle A, 48th will leave tomorrow early for new part news which is about 20 miles from our camp.

48th is a regiment of brave strong big boys like myself.

I am feeling good and well and hope to reach over there safe and sound.

I will write you just as soon we will arrive on the other side safely. We were supposed to parade in New York for the 4th Liberty Loan parade but because of that Spanish grip or Influenza which is quite bad diseases brought here by the German spies. We are not going to parade.

When War clouds hover O’ver,
We read of heroes brave,
Our officers on land and sea,
O’er then we fairly raue,
The real defenders are forgot,
The men who fire the fun
‘Tis they who’ll shield the Stars and Stripes.
God bless them ev’ry Mother’s son!
He may be wealthy college bred, perhaps a son of toil
He volunteers to fight or die,
He loves his native soil,
No fame or glory be his,
Though through hi battles are won.
Old Glory will never cease to wave while we have men to fire the gun!

From your loving son, Thomas Krell