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Letter from Henry Bergman, Hector Mirror, 10-31-1918

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Henry Bergman
September 5, 1886 – August 19, 1969

Dear parents and all:

Well I am now safe in England. I arrived yesterday and I am feeling fine and dandy and I hope you all are the same. This is a nice place and our Lieutenant took us out for a little sight seeing trip today and we just got back. Well I stood the trip fine, I didn’t get seasick or miss a meal on the trip over. It rained when we got off the ship and went to our camp and it rains a little today but it is only a shower and then the sun shines again, and that is the way it keep on.

Well did you get those pictures I sent from Camp before I left or not? Eddie Schwietz was along on the same boat that I was.

Tho I haven’t got any more news that I can tell, I can tell you more when I get back home again. I hope you are all well and please greet all the folks I know and write me when you find time. With best wishes to you all from,

Henry Bergman