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Letter from Henry T. Croup, Olivia Times, 12-5-1918

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The following is a letter received from one of our Henryville soldiers, “over there” on November 11:
Somewhere in France, October 20, 1918
Dear Sister:
Received your letter yesterday, so will try and answer it now. Well how are everyone at home? I am feeling fine, and enjoying good health, and hope this shall find you all the same.
Had a letter from Aunt Amelia today. It sure makes a fellow feel good to get a letter from the home folks. It has been wet here the last few days but can say we have had some fine weather over here.
Well how rich did you get this fall? I took out another Liberty Bond, so I think I am doing my bit for Uncle Sam. Did you people take out any more bonds? I thought it would be a good way to save money, and besides it only costs me five dollars a month. A fellow sure can get rid of money fast here, no matter what you buy it costs you four prices.
Well I suppose you will be husking corn by the time you get this letter.
I wrote a letter to Will Scheffler yesterday and say what is Frank Patzwald’s address? Send it to me, so I can write him. Say and when you write number your letters, so I can tell if I get them all, as I have only gotten two from you yet, since I have been over here.
Well I guess this is about all for this time, so will come to a close, and don’t forget to write soon.
I remain as Ever, Your loving Brother, Private Henry T. Chroup, A.P.D. 714, A.E.F., via N.Y. City, Co. C. 4th A.A.M.G. Bn.