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A Day in the Life of a Researcher by Linda Balk

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My day, most of the time, starts at 10:00 AM when the Renville County Historical Society & Museum (RCHS) opens, though on days when I have a deadline to meet or have a lot of research to do I am at the Museum at 8:00 AM. A typical day starts with checking the emails at info@renvillecountyhistory.com to see if there are any new genealogy requests., I print them out and start my ‘hunt’. There are several places I can search for answers:
If a visitor stops in the Museum to do research, I do all I can do to assist them on their ‘hunt’. Sometimes I can help them find things on their family although there are times when the information is just not there to find. This is especially true if they were only in the area for a short period of time.
Information on what you know about each of them will help me find your elusive ancestors easier. Please remember though that if your ancestors were passing through Renville County and only stayed for a few years it will be much harder to find any trace of them as they usually didn’t leave behind many fingerprints to find.
Bear in mind that I am a volunteer and only work a couple of days a week so it might take a while before I get back to you. I try to get to the research as soon as I can. Also, since I am in the Museum I am also doing research for the Museum. My research right now is finding out more about the servicemen of World War I. This is a huge undertaking that is taking a lot of my time. It started small and like a rolling snowball has grown into a large project of which we are excited about all the information we have located!
While the Museum closes at 4:00 PM, I am normally there until 5:00 PM cleaning up the mess that I made doing research whether it be on the computer or on my desk.
The Renville County Historical Society does charge for research, $20 per hour with a minimum 1/2 hour $10 search and RCHS charges for copies, postage and digital copies. Please refer to our website www.renvillecountyhistory.com for more information on our fees.
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