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Dr. F. G. Kohler of Hector Appointed 1st Lieutenant, Hector Mirror, 10-24-1918

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A few weeks ago, Dr. F. G. Kohler, who came to Hector to succeed Dr. McKibben, made application to enter the medical corps of the government service. The Doctor took his medical examination and, while not saying anything to his friends about it, yet was hoping he could go and “do his bit” to help win this great war. About ten days ago he received notice that his application had been accepted and that he would receive a wire soon directing him when and where to report. Yesterday he received orders to report inside of 15 days at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan, with the rank of First Lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps.

This news was highly pleasing to the Doctor and his is now busy arranging his affairs, so he may be able to leave at the appointed time.

Since coming to Hector Doctor Kohler has enjoyed a very successful practice, which he leaves with regret but, at the same time, is glad to have the chance to join the large number of other doctors who are doing their share to help lick the Kaiser.