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Dr. Hammerstrand, Renville County Journal, 10-11-1918

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Dr. Hammerstrand, who recently volunteered his services in the army has been called to report at Fort Riley, Kansas, October 19. The doctor has been appointed a lieutenant in the camp at that place. This will leave the doctor only a little better than a week more in Sacred Heart. During his stay in this village, Dr. Hammerstrand has built up a splendid practice and his patrons and friend regret very much to see him leave our community. His residence that has been under construction for some time and is no doubt among the best in the community, we understand, is for sale. The Dr. is certainly making a great sacrifice in joining the colors and to say that the people of Sacred Heart are sorry to see him leave is putting it very mildly. Words are in adequate to express the feeling of the doctors many friends. We do only the conventional thing and join his many friends in wishing him much satisfaction in the services which he is to enter seems empty and meaningless, yet thoughts collected to say anything else.