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Elmer Anderson Writes from France Franklin Tribune 10-3-1918

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S.S. Ampetco, N.Y.
Sept. 16,, 1918

Dear Sister,
Am well and hope you are the same. Well, what are you doing now days? I suppose you are real busy getting ready for winter.
I am now in the middle of the sea, having nothing else to do but write, so here it is such as it is. I have made two trips to France so far and expect to make another before getting relieved. I may get relieved in time to get home for Christmas. I hope so, for I would like to get home for awhile.
We have had some awful high seas on this trip. Have been soaked with salt water nearly every day. To-day is fine, thank goodness.
We had a break down one night. We nearly went under the waves. Almost rolled out of our bunks.
Some of the French towns are nice and some are just the opposite. The large cities are no good. The places we were in this time were small.
Was talking to some American soldiers in France about the war and the way they talked this war is not going to last very much longer. Well, I hope not, as it has been going on long enough to suit me. How about you?
This is the fifth letter I have written on this trip. Will close with love to you all. Answer right away so I will get it before I leaver again.

Elmer Anderson

Note from Editor: We do not have a photograph of Elmer Anderson of Franklin, Minnesota. If you have further information on the World War I veterans of Renville County please contact Nicole at the Museum.