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Sugar-Beet Sirup Helps Save Sugar Buffalo Lake News 10-4-1918

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Every farmer who is within reach of a patch of sugar beets should make a batch of sirup for his own use during the coming winter. Sugar products of all kinds are so scarce that every quart of sirup made at home serves the cause.
By means of equipment that can be improvised on any farm, a very good sirup can be made from sugar beets. The sirup is good for both table and cooking purposes.  One bushel of fairly good beets will make three quarts of sirup. No previous skill is necessary; only a little “horse sense” in following simple directions. Those interested in make some sirup can secure a bulletin describing the process by writing to Division of Publications. University Farm, St. Paul–J.J. Williaman, plant chemist University Farm.

Note from Editor: The newspaper wrote sirup so I kept the original text. Here is a YOUTUBE video of how to make Sugar Beet Syrup.