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Tag: Buffalo Lake News

Letter from Reinhold Jakobitz, Buffalo Lake News, 12-13-1918

October 5th, 1918 Buffalo Lake News, Buffalo Lake, Minn. Dear Friends: I have been in France for some time. Most of the boys on our transport had a touch of seasickness, but I happened to be one of… Read More

Four Sons in Army, Father in Civil War, Buffalo Lake News, 11-8-1918

It may be of interest to the readers of your paper to learn of the whereabouts of my sons. When war was declared in Europe I could scarcely believe it and dreaded such a war, for having gone… Read More

Letter From Ernest Wallner, Buffalo Lake News, 11-8-1918

The following letter was received by Virgil Wallner from his cousin, Ernest Wallner, now in France. France, Sept. 15th, 1918 Dear Cousin: Your most welcome letter came to me yesterday, together with one from cousin, Lillian, and I… Read More

Former Buffalo Lake Boy Dies in France, Buffalo Lake News, 10-25-1918

Frank Prelvitz received a telegram last Wednesday bearing the sad message that his brother, William had died of wounds, in France, September 29th. William W. Prelvitz entered the army on June 25th last, from Mantidor, N.D., and was… Read More

Sugar-Beet Sirup Helps Save Sugar Buffalo Lake News 10-4-1918

Every farmer who is within reach of a patch of sugar beets should make a batch of sirup for his own use during the coming winter. Sugar products of all kinds are so scarce that every quart of… Read More