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High Counties Will Name Battle Ships: All Ready for the 4th Liberty Loan Drive

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Buffalo Lake News September 27, 1918:
F.G. Nellermoe, County Chairman for Renville County in the Fourth Liberty Loan Bond sale has received the following message from A.R. Rogers the Chairman for the Ninth Federal District:
Minneapolis, Minn. September 19, 1918
We have received a telegram from Washington granting the Ninth Federal Reserve District the privilege of naming Four War ships, and Ten Tanks and we have decided that four ships shall be named after the four counties having the Four largest percentage of distribution of Fourth Liberty Loan Bonds and that the Ten Tanks shall be name after the Ten Counties having the next Ten largest percentages of distribution of Fourth Liberty Loan Bonds. Above aware to be based on estimated population figures now on file in this office.
This aware is independent and apart from the opportunity just offered You State to have ship named after her, the details of which plan your State Chairman will inform you immediately.
Here is a chance for the people of your County to see their Ship possibly sinking a sub, or their Tank going thru the hun lines. Get busy ans secure the prize, must move quick, time short, notify all Newspapers and all organisations and every committee man. Signed “Rogers”
The above order is important and should serve to create a spirited rivalry among the counties. The counties credited with the largest number of bond sales will win, hence it is important that the number of bonds, rather than the amount of the bonds, be large. Where the head of a family figures on buying, say a $500 bond, he should buy several bonds amounting to $500, naming each member of his family as a purchaser, thus increasing the number of bonds purchased without changing the amount. I this way he will help to win the distinction and honor that will come to Renville County if we all do our part. “The Battleship Renville” will sound good to us in years to come when our proud ship sails out of the harbor to join our great navy in the fight for world democracy.
Arrangements are all completed for opening the big rive on Saturday morning, Chairman F.G. Nellermoe has sent out final instructions to all solicitor and committeemen and the work or the greater part of the work will be complete the first day. In nearly all the villages there will be no soliciting, but letter will be mailed to all citizens, showing the allotment made and the citizens are asked to go to certain places in the villages and subscribe the amount of their allotment, no more and no less.

Editors Note: The above article was posted in the Buffalo Lake News, Olivia Times and the Fairfax Standard. Since the Armistice was on 11/11/1918 the U.S.S. Renville never came about until World War II. Visit the Museum September – May Monday-Friday 10 AM – 4 PM to learn more about this transporter ship!