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From Camp Hancock: Letter from M.J. Jacobs Bird Island Union 10-31-1918

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The following letter from Corp. M.J. Jacobs, Group 2, 13 Co. M.T.D. Camp Hancock, Ga., was received too late for last week’s publication. We gladly publish the letter this week.

Bird Island Union:
Dear Friends:
Well I am nearly three and one half months in the Army, but it does not seem so long. I am a machine gunner now, and I have an idea that I can do pretty good business when I get one of these Bean Throwers a working on the Kaiser’s bunch. It won’t be long after that before I will be back to start the drainage work where I left off.
I have a good steady job here, but after this fuss is settled I will quit.
As much as I have seen of different parts of the country, Minnesota is the best, and am sure the Minnesota farmers furnish has many biscuits as any. I will never look for a better place to live either.
The Spanish Influenza is getting pretty well acquainted here and is a bad actor. It attacked me, but I got the best of it without going to a hospital. I will let no German get the best of me either, so don’t any of you farmers worry about your tiling. I am getting along find and expect to be made Sergeant very soon. But really a private has the best part. Remain, with best wishes to all. Corp. M.J. Jacobs