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Last Week’s Games VS Madison and Gibbon

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Published in the Morton Enterprise on March 3, 1916.

The past week has been a “beaner” for basketball, and altho there has not been a game played on the home floor, every Mortonite has witnesses each game once or more. The reason for the nervous actions noticeable on our townspeople of late was the needless anxiety felt for the team in their return game with Madison.

The local coach arranged for a game with Madison for Saturday night in order to spare them the fatigue of the journey and to instill a little confidence into the fellows, he had them defeat Dawson Friday, merely to keep up the powerful thirst for victory.

Noting the friendly spirit of the Dawson people, the homeboys beat the Dawson boys three to one to spare their feelings.

The summary:

Morton                         Dawson

Baker              RF                   Bacon

Gaasch           LF                    Hanson

Orth                 C                     West

Donlon RG                  Sorenson

Fuller               LG                   Taylor

Goals – Baker 10, Gaasch 3, Orth 2, Donlon 1, Bacon 1, West 2, Sorenson 2. Free throws – Baker 1, Taylor 1. Referee – Gillot. Final Score: 33 – 11

The game at Madison proved to be the hair-raiser of the series, as both teams fought fierce and fast from the going. Victory was momentarily uncertain, but the strain soon told on the weaker aggregation, when our boys forged ahead.

Madison played in hard luck during the first half; using a sub-center who was in poor condition, they were at a disadvantage, while it helped us materially. But it may be added that Morton played superb basketball, many throws bordering on the sensational. Baker was the individual point-getter, while our midget guard kept the much-feared Garberg trying desperate shots thru out the game.

Altho star playing was noticeable the general playing of the team as a machine won the game.

Morton              Madison
Baker              RF       Garberg
Gaasch           LF        Mooney
Orth                 C         Lindseth
Donlon RG      Oppegaard
Fuller               LG       Bjeldenas
Field throw – Baker 11, Orth 3, Gaasch 9, Fuller 1, Mooney 2, Garberg 1, Lindseth 2, Oppegaard 2. Free – Oppegaard 4, Baker 2. Referee – Jacobson. Final Score: 50-18. The boys acknowledge splendid treatment given them at Dawson and Madison.