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Published in the Morton Enterprise on March 10, 1916.

They Now Have Claim To Al But The Northern Part of Dist. 7 – Willmar or Alexandria Game Decides

In a game characterized by much unnecessary roughness and countless fouls, the local basketball team emerged victorious, winning from the strong Marshall quint by a score of 42 to 21.

Marshall had won nine straight games and when they saw they were to be humiliated on their own floor, they resorted to tactics that didn’t help them to score and the result is that they were defeated. This was the first game wherein a Morton layer was disabled, Orth being rendered temporarily useless by a well-directed foot of one of the Marshall players. Donlon also has a souvenir on exhibit this week.

Morton started the scoring when Baker made a basket from underneath the basket, but Marshall scored, tied and topped them, 6 to 4. They, however, were not to keep the lead for Morton soon got right and closed the first half with the score of 20 to 7 in their favor.

The second half was the feature part of the game, with long floating shots by Donlon and Orth, and magnificent teamwork by Marshal. This was partly offset by many fouls.

That game eliminates all contestants on the south side of the district and the next game will likely declare success or failure. It will probably be played with Willmar or Alexandria. These two teams play their eliminations game on March 10th on the St. Cloud floor.

Morton                                      Marshall
Gaasch             LF                    Madden
Baker               RF                    McLaughlin
Orth                  C                      Jacobsen
Donlon            LG                    Soucy
Fuller              RG                   Strand
Goals: Gaasch 2, Baker 7, Orth 4, Madden 3, Strand 2, Jacobsen 2, McLaughlin 1. Free throws: Baker 8, McLaughlin 5. Referee: Campbell. ~~W.F.K.
The B.B. boys, with their coach, Mr. Martin, were guests at a dinner given by the Senior girls Friday at 6:30. The dinner was enjoyed and very much appreciated by all.