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Letter From Arnold Bergien, Olivia Times, 10-24-1918

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Edgerwood, Maryland, October 6, 1918

Dear Mr. Byers:

Was transferred down here from Syacuse, N.Y., and am now doing guard duty at the Arsenal. Had a very pleasant trip down here and saw many interesting sights.

First of all saw the large ship yards at Hog Island, N.Y., and at Wilmington, Delaware stopped at Philadelphia on our way down and were met by the ladies Red Cross who treated us to some fruit, cigarette and best of all a hot cup of coffee and some sandwiches. Also saw where Washington crossed the Delaware river at Trenton, New Jersey, also saw several crews of negro women working on the section. So I think the western folks have a much better job. Those that help in the fields, compared to section work.

This is one of the largest Arsenals in the world and are still enlarging it, make all kinds of gas shells here and also grenades and are loaded right on the docks only a few miles from here.

This camp is about twenty miles from Baltimore about seventy-five from Washington, D.C. and only a few miles from Cheasepeak Bay.

Am planning on taking a little trip to the Capital as soon as the quarantine is lifted.

I have seen quite a bit of country since I left Olivia but none of it looks as good to me as Minnesota and think I’ll be back there just as soon as the war is over which I hope will be soon.

Your Friend, Arnold Bergien, Co. B. 1st Battery, Edgewood Arsenal,            Edgewood, Md.