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Letter From Albert W Martinson, Renville County Journal, 10-25-1918

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Cambridge, Mass.,   Sept. 15, 1918

Dear Friend:

Got your letter today but suppose it has been lying around for a couple of days. Just got out of the Chelsea Hospital for Spanish Influenza. This whole establishment of sailors have it. The hospitals all over Boston and Cambridge are full. It’s like a grip I was taken sick with it a week ago yesterday and toted down to the hospital in an ambulance. My fever went up to 104.5. Had a hot water bottle at my feet and an ice bag on my head and a Red Cross nurse holding my hands. Some predicament, what? Am well and getting strong now.

Am sending you a picture of my beautiful self. Don’t remember whether I sent you one or not. Don’t fail to send me the Journal and your letters are fine. Keep it up. Will send you something as soon as I can. Must go out for drill. Write me a long letter and tell the boys to write me too.

Albert W. Martinson, U.S.N. Radio School, Co. 29, Cambridge, Mass