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Letter form Ingveald Haggestad, Fairfax Standard, 10-10-1918

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U.S.S. Kimberly, Sept. 7, 1918

Dear Mother;

Well I suppose it is about time that I write you a line to let you know that I am alive and that I am having a good time. I am getting ready to go ashore now. I am on a real ship. It is an oil burner. We don’t use any coal. The work is much easier than on a coal burner. I am on a destroyer. It is the fastest ship over here. We are the boys that down the German subs. There are about 140 sailors on this ship.

I forgot to tell you about the wonderful trip across the Atlantic. It took about fourteen days. There were about 4,000 soldiers and 500 sailors. We came over in an English troop transport and landed on August 20, and arrived at our destination August 22. Howard Ruddy came over with me. I met him in Philadelphia. It was nice that we met and could come across the Atlantic together. We had to part at (deleted.) He went one way and I the other. The weather is pleasant and the country is very beautiful. The people are so much different although they speak English. The money was also hard to understand, but I am understanding it much better now. Well I suppose all the boys have gone to war by this time.

Mother don’t forget to send the Standard and don’t forget to write often. It takes a long time to get mail over here. I haven’t received the Standard for over two months.

I am sending my regards to Mr. Cleveland and all.

As ever your son, Ing. S. Hoggestad

U.S.S. Kimberly, c-o Postmaster, New York City, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe