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Letter from Claude Smith Morton Enterprise 11-15-1918

Oct. 20, 1918 Dear Sister, Well, I received three letters from you today and was sure glad to hear from you. I got two letters from home today. I think ma is worrying unnecessarily for I’m alright. This… Read More

Letter From Alfred Buckley, Renville County Journal, 12-5-1918

Wm Buckley Recently Received the Following Interesting Letter from his Brother Alfred. U. S. S. C. 128, an Italian Port, Oct. 4, 1918Dear Brother:Received your letter dated Sept. 2, sure glad to hear from you.We are out on… Read More

Letter from Albert Martinson, Renville County Journal, 11-15-1918

A Sailor’s Letter: Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 3, 1918 Dear Friend Emil: Well how are you stacking up these cold days? How is the old party making it? Say in case it’s not too late send me a little… Read More

Letter form Ingveald Haggestad, Fairfax Standard, 10-10-1918

U.S.S. Kimberly, Sept. 7, 1918 Dear Mother; Well I suppose it is about time that I write you a line to let you know that I am alive and that I am having a good time. I am… Read More