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Letter from Ernest F Meyer, Bird Island Union, 12-12-1918

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Oct. 27th, 1918, Somewhere in France

Dear Sister and all:

Will drop a few lines to-day to let you know that I am fine and here is hoping you folks are the very same.

Well I suppose you think it is a long time between letters, but I didn’t have much time last week, as I was up at the firing line and got back this morning for a rest. Didn’t see Otto yet since I have been here, but might run across him some day.

We are having some fine weather here now. I don’t think it is as cold here as it is there. I suppose the fall work is about all done by this time. Do you ever hear from Otto and also from Otto Nemitz or Willie Laraway I sure would like to see some of them one of these days. As I sit here and write I sure can hear the shells roar. We are quite aways away from the front lines now about seven or eight miles and are going back still farther in a day or two.

I suppose the paper is full of war dope every day. Well, I think the Huns will soon have enough, as they are getting driven back every day. Are they drafting many more men from around there now. I suppose there aren’t very many more boys around there now.

This country sure looks bad where they have been fighting. All full of shell holes and trenches.

I think I will go to the Y.M.C.A. now and get more writing paper as I intend to write about six letters today, so I will get a lot of them in return.

Well, I am glad to hear that everybody got a good crop around there this year, as that sure will help to win the war. After the war I think I will bring a German helmet with me.

Do you ever hear from Ben Erneste. I suppose he is over here some place now. Well, I don’t know of any other dope to write just now, but will write oftener now, as I like to get mail. You can write three or four to my one, but I will write as often as I can. Did you get the letter I sent with that Christmas card in it? I suppose Otto sent one of them home, too. Well sister say hello to everybody around there for me and tell them to write. I will close now with love to the whole family, I remain as ever,

Private Ernest F. Meyer, Co. B 8th machine Gun Div., A.P.P 740, A.E.F. U.S. Army

Editor’s Note: We do not have a photograph of Ernest F. Meyer.