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Letter from Erwin Hoffman, Renville Star Farmer, 10-10-1918

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The following letter was received by Earnest Hoffman from his son Erwin, who has been in the army since spring:

Somewhere in France, Sept. 5

Dear Folks:

I will write you a few lines today to let you know I am still well and healthy. Our company is back from the front again, in reserve, and probably will not go back for a long time.

I received the Stewart Tribune today again, and I lay down in the rear seat of my car and read it until it looked white to me. I felt just like I used to in the store evenings.

I took food to the boys in the trenches one night, and Fritze started to shell the road where I was, he made it quite interesting for awhile, but we are all getting used to the shells and don’t mind them at all unless they fall very near. Today I shined up my car and cleaned the engine to get ready for the next trip. I am writing this letter under a big maple tree on the top of a high hill. It was awful hot today, about as hot as we ever had it here, and our company was down and took a bath, it was sure good after seating so much.

I have traveled very much since I have been here, and I think I seen nearly all of France. But I cannot write any more about it. I will tell you all when I get back and will close for this time with best regards to you and all my friends at Renville.

Your loving son, Erwin