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Letter From George Groen, Renville Star Farmer, 10-24-1918

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Somewhere in France

Dear Folks:

How are all of you folks getting along. Hope you are all well I am feeling fine this morning, and it is fine weather again. Today I guess the rainy season had commenced again for a while. What are you doing now days, all busy, I suppose? Well I am not. All I do is write a little and walk up town once in awhile and watch the trains go through just to pass the time and the rest of the time I lay around and read or sleep.

Well, I didn’t get any mail so far but I talked with a fellow from St. Paul, He said you had a big crop down there. That sounds good to me. I seen in the paper that a big bunch registered again the other day so I guess Hieko registered too. How is Nellie getting along, alright I hope? I suppose you got that I sent you the other day, at least it did not come back. I was down town a little while ago and I’ll send ma a little rememberance of me. I suppose you got my pictures from Camp Mills.

Well I hope I get mail pretty soon, but just you folks are well there I have nothing to worry about. Got a fine room to sleep in, got all to eat what we care for. Have cake and pie almost every evening, or three times a week and meat, potatoes and bread all we care for so I am well pleased here, if only the rheumatism gets out of the way.

They surely got some big cows around here but I don’t like their color. They are mostly all white. They use most of them to plow with but that sure looks queer to me. Well I guess this is all. Hope to hear from you soon now and be sure and write me all the news.

Your loving son and brother, Geo. Groen, U. S. Army Base Hospital 44, A.E.F., A.P.O. 708