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Letter from George Prelvitz, Hector Mirror, 10-3-1918

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Somewhere in France, Sept 6, 1918

My dear folks at home,

Hello everybody. I am ashamed of myself for not writing sooner. But when I tell you that we have been very busy chasing the Germans lately you can understand why I didn’t have time. However, I am as happy as a young lark. I am sending you a picture of our land. Can you find me on it? I received a letter from Adelaide today, she seems quite happy and I’m glad of that. Well pa I got a dandy big souvenir German pipe, I am sending you. Be sure and take good care of it. I got it off a big fat “Heinie”. He says “Germany is capoot”, meaning Germany is gone to pieces. I was in charge of 85 German prisoners and two officers (gee! I felt big.) I guess the war will soon end now. We have them on the run and thousands of Yankees to back us up, so I will see you in 1919 for sure.

We are having lovely weather lately. I hope it keeps up so we can go on and finish the war. I have not heard from Frank or Rich for quite a while. I hope they are all right. Please don’t worry about me as I am fine and dandy. I expect to get a promotion soon. I weigh about 180lbs. now so I am not doing so bad anyway. I received two letters from my wife. Tell Mrs. Plaisance to cheer up, the war will soon end now. I hope she isn’t lonesome without her Leo. How is Al and the family. Tell him how I am. I will write to everybody now. I have so many to write to. I am glad to hear that the crops are all so splendid around there. They are beautiful over here. We have captures thousands of acres of grain from the Germans. They had their threshing machines up to thresh them but we captured the whole works.

Well folks please don’t worry about me. Hope you are all well and happy. I remain your loving son, George