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Letter from Frank Williams, Renville Star Farmer, 12-12-1918

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Oct. 26th, 1918

My Dear Folks;

I sure have thought of home a lot the last few weeks. Wonder how you all are at home. I am real well and never felt better in my life and today I feel extra good, as last night was the first time I had my clothing or shoes off for three weeks. Have been up in the front line trenches and it sure is a strain on the men and especially the officers. We finished our relief night before last and marched back here. in the reserves where we can write a little of what has passed. About all I can say tho is that we had a very successful time while at the front and it sure is exciting and keep on their nerves all the time. Also can say that I was out on patrol which quite an honor for new officers as they only send experienced men on patrol.

Just received 2 letters from you today and sure was glad to get them. The last one was dated Sept. 30 and it came over the quickest of any we have yet received.

Am glad your wheat turned out so good. It doesn’t cost much to live here where there isn’t a thing to buy and no clothing to buy as all we wear is our very worst on account of the mud. It rains most of the time here but we soon get used to that and don’t mind it much. Was glad to get Louis Cottle’s address and will write to him sometime and if I get any time off will go to see him. Would awfully well like to get the Star Farmer if I could. We have been busy reading papers today and it is quite a treat to get back where you can get a New York Tribune every day. They have a branch office over here.

We were all quite impressed with Wilson’s answer to Germany and think he said the right thing. Also see that you are having some big forest fires up North again. I hope they will get them stopped soon. You can send this letter to the girls and save me writing the same thing over. I haven’t written to anyone except you since I left and I think I will have a little time tomorrow to write to some of my friends. Don’t worry about me Mother as I will get thru this war all O.K. and be home before you know it as it can’t last much longer.

With all my love for you all, Lt. M. F. Williams, A.E.F. France

Editor’s Note: We do not have a photograph of M. Frank Williams.