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Letter from James Stadther, Olivia Times, 12-26-1918

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James L. Stadtherr
July 10, 1891 – December 16, 1959

Paris, November 19, 1918

My Dear Sister:

How is everybody getting along at home? Fine, I hope I am still here in the hospital and am getting along fine, the wound on my left should is all healed up already and that looked to be the worst at first but the one on my right shoulder seems awful slow healing up and my shoulder feels stiff. It may take some time for it to get the way it was. I don’t know if I will ever be back to my company again now as the war is over.

I would like to be with them now so I could go into Germany with them and see what it looks like there, but my greatest wish is to get back to the good old U.S.A. but I have no idea when I will get back. I met a boy from my company here in the hospital today he got hit later than I did and he told me that Lawrence Molden from Bird Island got killed the 28th of October a machine gun bullet hit him somewhere near the heart and killed him instantly you can maybe leave his folks know about it if they don’t know it already, he was a good friend of mine. (Editor’s Note: Lawrence Molden died June 26, 1921 he was gassed).

I have been up town on pass two times already. I was there last Sunday they had a parade with all the allied troops representing sure a large crowd there.

The French people are sure feeling good about the victory over the Germans. I suppose the American people do too.

Will close with best regards to you all.