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Letter from Michael Young, Bird Island Union, 12-5-1918

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Dear Union:

I received three papers today and they made me happy to get them and to read about the news at home. I got a few some time ago. I noticed a little write-up about the Hindenburg line. We were on the strongest front on that line, and it was some place to break, but what it takes to put a run on the Huns is the U.S. boys.

There are three of us boys from Bird Island in this Division Tommy Murray and young Thomas – they are in the 118th Inf. I have not seen either one since we left Camp Seiver, S.C. I am going to try and look them up.

We were taken out from the front for a rest, and it may be from two weeks to two months.

You can tell the boys of 76 that theirs was a play game to what it is today. Give my best regards to all the people at home and say we will be back home soon.

Your friend, Michael Young