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Letter From Platt Nellermoe, Buffalo Lake News, 9-20-1918

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Fort Totten, N.Y., Sept. 13th 1918

Dear Mr. Foster:

It has been my intention nearly all summer to write you but as you can imagine army life doesn’t afford one the leisure time that civilian life does. I surely wish to thank you for sending me the paper. I sure look forward to the “News” every week. I am at one of the best and nicest posts in the east, it is like Fort Snelling used to be, all green and nice. It is about a half an hours ride from New York City, and we sure do take advantage of going into the city. I only have a few days more to spend here at this post as we expect to sail for Sunny France within a very short time. So I wish to bid all the Buffalo Lake people good bye, hoping to see them again by next fall, if my battery ever gets started on the “bloody huns” the war will be over. We’ve got lots of fight and grit and pull together.

Goodbye and good luck, Yours, Sergt. P. M.Nellermoe