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Letter from Ralph Ryan Olivia Times 10-17-1918

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The following letter from a Renville county boy, who enlisted from Fairfax in May 1917, and who has been on the firing line for the past five months, will be of interests to the Times readers:
J.R. Landy, Olivia, Minn.
Dear Uncle:
I received your very nice letter today. It was the first mail we had received in nearly tow months and it surely seemed good to get the letter and to hear you were all well.
I am feeling fine after five months at the front. There is sure some excitement in this life; every day like the Fourth of July, only more so. The bursting of shells is the bug noise here, but we are used to that now, and don’t mind if except when the thing is uncomfortable close. We have been keeping the Germans some busy of late and our battery has heard very good reports from the “kisses” we sent over.
Things are looking very good for the Allies just now but I guess we will have to lick the Germans to a standstill before they give up, and believe me, we are prepared to do it.
I am learning to talk German and making good progress. I had a few pictures taken since coming over here and will send you one. Please let me hear from you again soon. Love to all. Ralph Ryan, Battery A, 42nd Art. C.A.C. A.E.F.