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Letter from Winston “Scout” George, Renville Star Farmer, 12-19-1918

Voiced by Amazon Polly
George “Scout” Winston
March 9, 1892 – November 23, 1966

Somewhere in France, Nov. 18th, 1918

Dear Mother:
Well Ma I’m still living and thank the good Lord the war is over.
I was over the top six times in this last big drive which ended the war, and talk about close calls, I guess it wasn’t my time to die. I was completely covered up twice with dirt thrown by high power shell. Got my back wrenched and can’t hear out of my right ear.
I was taken out of battle of the veteran front, two days before the lost shot was fired.
Billie Ashley’s outfit was fighting just on the right of us and was pretty well wiped out so I’m afraid Billie was killed but don’t know yet.
My outfit started fighting July 4th and have been at it ever since with little rest. If you could have seen me when I came off the firing line this last time I’m afraid you wouldn’t have known your son, my clothes all torn and full of “cooties,” whiskers an inch long and clay and mud from top to bottom and my helmet full of bullet holes.
I ought to be home soon.
Your son, Winnie