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Raymond Jones Writes from Somewhere in France Morton Enterprise October 4 1918

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August 18, 1918
Dear Sister,
How are you all today? I am fine and dandy and hope you are all the same. Well, today is Sunday and it is just a year since I left Olivia so thought I would pen you a few lines. I have not much time to write up at the front as we re keeping the kaiser on the run and giving the Germans some pretty hot medicine every day.
Say, I saw Father Hart’s picture in the paper over here. I will send it along. It sure seemed good to see his picture. It put me in mind of back home.
Well, how are times back in good old U.S.? I suppose you are all done stacking by this time. I wrote you a letter last Sunday giving you my new address. Hope you got it. I did not get any mail yet but hope I do get some soon.
The weather is the same here as it is in Minnesota. Only I miss the sand storms of Mexico. Ha, Ha, not much.
Say did Chisholm hear from Edgar yet? We got parted over here and I don’t know just what outfit he is in.
How is Morton? Is it still there? I suppose it is kind of dead around there now. I would like to can up some of the noise here and send it back there.
Well, I guess I will quit before I have a breakdown with this old pen. You want to write as soon as you can and tell them all to write to me. Goodbye. With love to all, Your Brother, Raymond J. Jones, Batt. A. 108th F.A. American Exped. Forces, France via N.Y. 38 Div.