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SEVERELY WOUNDED IN ACTION IN FRANCE Fairfax Standard October 10, 1918

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Mrs. Benjamin Bruggeman Receives Telegram Telling that Her Son William is Wounded

The sad news reached Fairfax last Saturday stating that one of the boys of which every citizen is justly proud, William H. Bruggeman, had fallen a victim to the fortunes of war, and that he was severely wounded. Following is a copy of the telegraph:

Washington, D.C., Oct. 5, 1918 3:30 p.m.

Mrs. Ben Bruggeman, Fairfax.
Deeply regret to inform you that it is officially reported that Private William H. Bruggeman, ammunition train, was severely wounded in action September 5. Department has not further information.

Although the date given in the telegram is September 5, it is believed that this is wrong, and that the accident occurred probably September 23, instead of 5. Letters have been received by William’s family here dated as late as September 13, and there is nothing in these letters to indicate that he had been injured. They rather state that he is in a good healthy cobdition, as he says that his work is mostly nights, and that he is engaged in taking the wounded to dressing stations, and to hospitals. One of the latest cards written states that the big guns are roaring louder than ever.
William was among the first draft contingent to leave Faifax, September 19, 1917. He went to France in May, arriving there May 25.
As no news has been received since the telegram of Saturday it is taken for granted that the injured man is improving satisfactorily.