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The War is Won, Renville County Farmer, 11-15-1918

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Uncle Sammy has some boys,
     The Proudest in the world;
With us the whole world may rejoice,
     The U.S. Flag unfurled.
The flag was carried from our home,
     By train it sped to camp;
Then presently it pranced the foam
     In days of fog and damp,
One sunny morning watched her dance
     The transport rocked with joy,
With tears of gladness good old France
     Threw kisses at our boy.
Both men and women, young and old,
     Midst tears with joy and song
Saw our old glory’s stripes unfold;
     The sight will linger long,
Some stripes were hope and some were prayer,
     Yes some were grim command;
United States had come to share,
     To lend a helping hand.
The stars that fluttered in the skies,
     Just forty-eight in all,
Glazed thru the smoke with piecing eyes,
     To place the cannon ball.
But best of all, the khaki boys,
     With British and with French
Played with the shells like kids with toys,
     And “copped” a German trench.
One, two, and three, they break! They run!
     Our boys the fences vault.
No counter charge, with gas and gun,
     Our plucky boys, can halt.
The French go wild, the British prance,
     Our boys pursue the chase.
Another lease of life for France.
     Poor Wilhelm take your place!
Go way back and sit down,
     Or go to bed for good.
You just take off your golden crown
     And put on grandma’s hood.

The world will roll and jog along,
     A mighty pleasant place.
For our good boys have make the song,
     Apeace the human race.
Yes, some have paid the supreme price
     And given blood and life
To lift the nations to the skies
     And end such bloody strife.
Our Renville County boys were there
     We’re proud they sailed the skies.
When they return we’ll do our share,
     To give them honor’s prize.
This county has a bunch of girls,
     That sure will meet the train
So well equipped with smiles and curls
     Through some must wait in vain.
The train is in, the first to shake
     Is father and good mother,
They dare not speak their voice might break,
     Their feelings might go further.