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Worth Knowing published in the Morton Enterprise on June 7, 1918

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Worth Knowing

An army corps is 60,000 men.
An infantry dicvision is 10,000 men.
An infantry brigade is 7,000 men.
A regiment of infantry is 3,600 men.
A battalion is 1,000 men.
A company is 250 men.
A platoon is 60 men.
A corporal’s squad is 11 men.
A field artillery brigade comprises 1,300 men.
A field artillery has 195 men.
A firing squad is 20 men.
A supply train has 282 men.
A machine gun battalion has 296 men.
An engineer’s regiment has 1,098 men.
An ambulance company has 66 men.
A field hospital has 55 men.
A medicine attachment has 13 men.
A major general leads the field army and also each army corps.
A brigadier general heads each infantry brigade.
A colonel heads each regiment.
A lieutenant colonel is next in rank below a colonel.
A major heads a battalion.
A captain heads a company.
A lieutenant heads a platoon.
A sergeant is next be a lieutenant