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Conscripts Called Into The Service published by the Olivia Times on February 14, 1918

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CONSCRIPTS CALLED INTO THE SERVICE: List of Men Selected to Fill Quota and Who Will Leave February 23rd.

Editors Note: If there is a * after the man’s name his picture is in the 1920 book Renville County in World War I published by the Olivia Times. If there is a # symbol by he is listed in the book but no photograph. If the name is in bold there are artifacts in the Museum on display from him. The names could be mispelled, they are copied directly out of the newspaper. If you have a Renville County World War I connection please contact Nicole at the Museum 507-697-6147 or [email protected]

Following is a list of drafted men from this county who are to make up the quota. They will leave about Feb. 23rd:

Buffalo Lake – Alfred Fischer, Willard Beck*, Carl Hurtig*

Olivia – Nels Jorgerson*, Howard Kromer*, Henry Kubesh*, Ben Leonard*, P. Wm. Moran*, Jos. Frank, John L. Walker, Jos. Kaisersatt

Bird Island – Geo. P. Meurer, Carol O. Swanson, Frank Dresow, Jr., Alfred P. Sell, Alfred Hodgdon, Thos. F. Murray, John Eggerling

Sacred Heart – Burt Nordstrom, Hans Olson, Helge Haukass, Andrew Peterson

Hector – Christian Fredrickson, Henry Carlson, W.G. Benson, Oscard Melberg, Mike Papez, Oscard Granquist, Albert Gums, James Tompkins

Renville – Emil Nelson, Frank Noska, Adolph Lenz, Victor Sandberg, Adlph Otto, Henry Raske, John Peterson, Paul Bakken

Fairfax – Wm. Iverson, John Maxwell, Louis Ness, John Lang, Jos. Zeigler, Otto Schiffman, Alfred Nordby, John Ferber

Franklin – Spencer Erickson, Bert Martin

Morton – Louis Buckolz, Jos. Dermer, Fred Haas *, Wm. Haas*, Timonthy Keefe, Frank Daun*

Danube – Aug Wallert, Ernest Wallner

Stewart – Frank Brown

Miscellaneous: Leonard Steger, Summit, IL; Robt. Kunde, Hanska; Wald Lyman, Dilworth, Okla.; Arthur Jensen, Hutchinson; John Machiedt, St. Paul; Frank Suess, Sleepy Eye; John Harrison, Cass Lake; Earl McGee, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Frank Borchart, Waconia; Otto Jensen, Black Duck Camp 1