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Counter Attack Halted, Fairfax Standard, 11-28-1918

Voiced by Amazon Polly
Lloyd E. Whitmer
January 9, 1894 – Febrary 1985

Corporal L. E. Whitmer, who is one of the boys from Fairfax to help bring an American and Allied victory over there, has sent the following clipping to his parents here. It gives a vivid description of how things have been done on a big scale to accomplish big results:

“We have just witnessed an interesting innovation, which provided a magnificent spectacle. It was reported that German troops were assembling east of the Meuse for a counter-attack. Immediately, 350 aeroplanes, with 32 tons of bombs, took the air to attack the German troop concentration. There were 200 bombing machines, 100 “chasse” planes and 50 triplanes.

It was a superb sight. The whole sky was black with groups of from nine to twelve machines “V” formation, like a lot of wild ducks. The sun was just setting and its rays made the aeroplanes gleam like gold and silver blades against the blue of the sky.

The aviators flew eastward and soon after the explosions of their bombs mingled with the sound of the cannon. The counter-attack melted under the terrible hail of metal and twelve German aeroplanes which boldly went to the encounter of our great armada, were sent to earth.”