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Minimum Wages, Fairfax Standard, 11-28-1918

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The Minnesota Minimum Wage Commission has established a scale of minimum wages to be observed in Minnesota, in the employment of women or minors, as follows:

For mercantile, waitresses, office or hair dressing occupations, in St. Paul, Minneapolis and Duluth, $9.00 per week; all other incorporated cities in the state, $8.50 per week; in the state outside of the cities, $8.00 per week. In manufacturing, mechanical, telephone, telegraph, laundry, dyeing, dry cleaning, lunch room, restaurant and hotel occupations the scale is 25 cents less in incorporated cities while outside incorporated cities it is $8.00 per week. All other occupations anywhere in the state, $8.00 per week.

For apprentices or learner in any occupation, girl or boy under 18 years of age, in the state outside of incorporated cities, $7.00 per week for four months, then $8.00 per week. Woman or minor 18 years or older, $7.00 per week for three months, then $8.00 per week.