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John Kronlokken Killed in Action, Renville County Journal, 12-5-1918

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John Kronlokken
February 8, 1889 – November 2, 1918

John Kronlokken, another Renville County young man, with the Expeditionary Forces in France has paid the Supreme Sacrifice. We are not informed as to just when he enlisted with what company he belonged or when he went over-seas, but a thrill of sadness and mourning passes thru the whole community at the sad news that he was killed in action in France Nov. 2nd. John Kronlokken was a brother of Oscar Kronlokken north east from this village and a son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kronlokken, who used to live on a farm about two miles south east of Renville. The end of the war came very shortly after Mr. Kronlokken’s death. In bringing about that most desirable of all goals, the successful termination of the World War, the making of the world safe for democracy, John Kronlokken offered up his life blood. May a grateful nation never forget the sacrifices and services so nobly and so unselfishly rendered by John Kronlokken and thousands of others who will not return with the returning victors nor partake of the honor and festivities awaiting them.