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Letter From Henry H Kiecker, Fairfax Standard, 11-14-1918

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Henry H. Kiecker, who is with the American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia, writes and interesting letter to his brother, Alfred:

Siberia, Oct. 13, 1918.

Hello, Brother: Well I just had dinner, so I will write a few lines. How is everybody at home? I feel pretty good myself, only I have a little cold. The weather is pretty good out here now.

This is quite a pretty country; there are many hills, and they are covered with small trees.

I surely was glad to get off of that ship, after being on for so long a time. There is quite a big town near here. I think that I shall go down this afternoon. It is Sunday today, and the weather is nice and warm. We had a little frost last night, and it gets quite cold sometimes.

We get about 11 rubels for a dollar now. A rubel is one Russian dollar and it used to be worth about fifty cents, as I have been told, and now a rubel is worth about 10 cents. A good meal uptown costs about one dollar, or, in other words, about 10 Russian dollars. It is fun to go up town and buy something when one can’t talk the language. We talk with our hands mostly, and we get along some way.

How is everything at home? Are you boys all at home now? I suppose Freddy and Ruth are going to school. Who is your school teacher? Did you receive the pictures I sent from Fremont just before I left?

Well, Alfred, I will have to close. Say hello to Ma and Pa and all the rest of the family. Tell Ma not to worry, because I am alright. Tell Leonard that I will write to him later on.

I suppose that this letter will reach you in about a month. Answer soon.

Henry H. Kiecker

Editor’s Note: We do not have a photograph of Henry H. Kiecker.