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The Peace Our Soldiers Want – The Peace Our War Mothers Want, Bird Island Union, 11-14-1918

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The Stars and Stripes, the official newspaper published by the soldiers of the American Expeditionary Forces in France, says editorially about the enemy peace offensive:

“Let the weak hearted who are dreaming of a compromise, let the pacifists who are talking a peace by agreement; let the sideliners who have enough of war; let the secretly inclined pro-Germans who think this war should end without a decision – let them one and all know once and for all that for the American Expeditionary Force there is no such word as ‘Peace’ with the Huns unbeaten. The man who talks of peace today, except through victory is a traitor.”

The enemy peace offensive is likened to the action of German machine gun crew in the Vesle fighting when they fought and killed Americans until they were surrounded, then shouted “Kamerad.”

The mothers of the American soldiers in France want the same peace their sons demand. All the courage of the ancient Spartan mother is in the hearts of the women of America.