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Letter from Howard Kromer, Olivia Times, 12-26-1918

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Howard Fredrick Kromer
November 21, 1890 – April 15, 1961

November 17, 1918

Dear Mother and Sisters,

Hurrah for our side the war is over at last. Of course this will be old news by the time you get this but I had to mention the fact any way. Generally get by on Saturday about every two weeks yesterday was the mail day but I looked just the same.

I heard from Ben last Monday and his letter was written October 20th and he was O.K. just had gotten out of a long term in the trenches had gone over the top twice.

On the day the armistice was signed we started out to another camp for our weeks visit and were kept busy. If you ever saw a flag day it was one and the people were simply wild. During the whole thing I was wondering what was doing in the United States and am sure it was a wild time.

Our weeks visit was to a camp on the border of Alsace Lorraine away up in the hills there is some wonderful seenery. One afternoon the whole bunch of us took a truck and went up to the Crown Prince of Germany’s summer home we all returned with some souvenirs and will try and get them home.

The weather has turned cold but we do not notice it much and there was also some snow in the air today. One good thing there is no mud to wade thru now.

Say but the French people are wild which they have a right to be. We are trying to do our little share in the celebration parade and so forth. Last night was a big night and the officers here surely enter into the fun. There were three dance halls going till twelve last night the band split up furnishing the music.

The boys are all out at target practice today and by the noise one would think the war was still on. It is a good way to let out the overflowing spirit.

Well I don’t think it will be such a very long time till we get back home again but suppose one has to be patient. Be sure and save me a dill pickle and every thing.

With Love, Howard